Hay Stack Retrievers:
Historically, transporting hay was done by a bale wagon down the road or by semi truck and squeeze.  New ideas and technologies have enabled farmers to make this process easier and more efficient.  By owning a Hauser Built Stack Retriever you can keep the Bale Wagon in the field stacking hay.  Our Stack Retriever transports hay stacks from the field to the barn, or to an offsite destination.

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What makes our product unique.
Built in the USA
Fabricated & assembled in-house.
Strict attention to detail.
Used 12 months of the year.
Easy to operate.
Our welders are certified for quality reassurance.
Can be customized to your individual needs.
Designed/fabricated by experienced farmers in the hay industry.
Maximize efficiency in hay farming—less time & labor, more profit!
Company’s success.
Locations where units sold: Arizona  California  Colorado  New Mexico  Utah  Nevada  Oregon  Wyoming  Idaho  Texas  Wisconsin  Michigan Minnesota Maine and New York
Company Background
The innovative design behind Hauser Built equipment is based on years of practical farming experience. The Hauser family has been farming for six generations. In Arizona, Dick and Kevin Hauser farm in the Camp Verde & Paulden areas. Dick's brothers have farmed in Tolleson and St. Johns for  40 years. Their father raised and hauled citrus in North Phoenix from 1948 until retirement. Prior to that, the family farmed in Iowa. Recently Kevin has expanded his agriculture operation.  He now farms walnuts, oranges and olives in California's Central Valley. As always, Kevin is looking at creating new & innovative products for the modern farmer.
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